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SMTP Service - SMTP Details allow to send UNLIMITED EMAILS

Our SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Service (powered by PowerMTA) provide our users, developers and Internet users the SMTP detail, which allows SMTP users to send UNLIMITED emails using SMTP protocol with PowerMTA.
In order to send email with SMTP protocol, It's essential for the user to have basic knowledge in programming, email configuration. The SMTP details (Hostname, Username, Password, Port and etc) will be provided to the users after these simple steps bellow have been done, JUST $35 USD/MONTH, UNLIMITED emails. For more about pricing, please refer to our pricing options.

However, all users are able to use the additional services, i.e,. Dedicated IP address or Change/Rotate the IP address if needed.

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  • Choose the SMTP service options you would like to subscribe ?
  • Make payment to us. We provide many payment methods at payment information page
  • Email us the payment details you have made to our email
  • The new SMTP detail will be activated in couple hours
  • DKIM/SPF will be configured for your domain in case you would like to use your own domain.




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